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Endorsement for governor
Dunlap News
July 16, 2018, 11:02 p.m.

There are several well-qualified people running for governor of the state of Tennessee. Some of them have experience serving in public office and others have experience in running a business.

The Dunlap News is endorsing Bill Lee as the best of the field of candidates to serve as the next governor of Tennessee, for a number of reasons.

Bill Lee is running as an outsider. He has never served in any kind of government office. The negative side of that is a lack of experience, but the positive side is independence from the manipulations of anyone to whom a politician might owe favors, such as lobbyists, financial contributors, and legislators. As was the case with our current president, Lee is providing a large portion of the financing for his political campaign himself.

Lee is a successful businessman, running a multi-billion-dollar company that was three times selected as the Best Business to Work For in Nashville. (It was number 7 this year.) He also manages the farm he inherited from his father, so he knows both sides of the business coin – service/retail and agriculture.

Lee says he “absolutely” supports President Trump, so in many ways that will draw the line for people. Those who like what Trump is doing in Washington will favor Bill Lee, and those who do not like Donald Trump will not like Lee at all. Because the Dunlap News agrees with many of Pres. Trump's actions and policies, that is a factor in Lee's favor.

He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and says that if a bill makes it through the Tennessee legislature legalizing constitutional carry of a firearm, he will sign it.

Bill Lee is a true conservative, believing that the less state and federal government interferes with local government and independent initiatives of the people, the better off we all are. As the founding fathers believed, the best government is a small government, with fewer restrictions and regulations to encumber free enterprise and freedom in general.

Finally, Bill Lee is an outspoken Christian with a track record of ministry to prove it. He has clear eyes and an honest voice, which is refreshing in someone running for office.

These are some of the reasons the Dunlap News is supporting Bill Lee for governor of Tennessee.