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The 2019 Crash
Karen House
Jan. 3, 2019, 8:20 p.m.

Jan. 3, 2019 – Today the Dow Jones Industrial Averages dropped over 660 points on a continuing skid downward. But perhaps even more dramatic than that is the inversion of the bond market. Some market analysts are saying we are in a full-blown market crash, like unto the crash that led to the Great Depression, or at the very least the crash of 2008.

Whether the U.S. economy crashes this week or next week or weeks from now, most experts say there are several factors pointing to a slowdown.

With a presidential election coming up in a little over a year, there are several factors to consider in light of the economic instability, including some news headlines this week, that at first may appear unrelated but actually tie in.

This week some news came out that put a stain on the reputation of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:

Sexism Claims From Bernie Sanders’s 2016 Run: Paid Less, Treated Worse

Bernie Sanders, of course, apologized and said he was unaware of pay disparities or any discrimination in his campaign. But the lingering doubt in the minds of those who might have supported him in running for president again took him out of the picture as a serious candidate.

Also this week, former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said this about the president:

Mitt Romney:  The president shapes the public character of the nation.  Trump's character falls short.

Globalists do not want Donald Trump to win a reelection bid next year. Thus, the attack by a leader within his own party.

Neither do they want Bernie Sanders to run again. Thus, the mild sexist accusations – not enough to really hurt him, but enough to keep him from running again.

Democrat Elizabeth Warren has announced her bid for the top slot, but they don't really take her seriously.

The liberals want someone young and energetic, preferably black or female or both. Maybe somebody like Cory Booker or Kamala Harris.

The newest darling of the Democrat Party – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – can't run because she is not old enough, but keep an eye on her in the future. She was recently elected to Congress from New York, and this month became one of the first two Democratic Socialists to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, joining Rashida Tlaib, a Muslim woman from Michigan.

Let that sink in . . . there are now two Democratic Socialists in the U.S. House of Representatives. The only difference between Democratic Socialists and out-and-out Socialists is the speed at which they expect to transition to Communism.

How does all this relate to the stock market turmoil?

The globalists have an agenda, and it involves getting this country back on track toward Socialism and away from any sense of nation.

Why do you think they fight Trump's wall tooth and nail? Because they don't want any walls. They don't want any borders. They don't want the United States of America to exist.

When you watch the stock market shows, those guys with the pony tails sitting around the table at lunch have invested their own money to make a profit in the market. They have skin in the game.

The old stock traders out on the floor? They have skin in the game.

But the globalists are putting everything they have at their disposal into the market – for control.

Their priority is winning the election. And they will crash the economy to do it.