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Karen House
June 27, 2017, 5:29 p.m.

There is an old saying, “All politics is local.” Whatever that means in Washington, to most Americans it means that they trust their local leaders more than the ones at the national level.

In recent months, it seems as if nothing gets done in Washington because nobody can cooperate. It seems that the politicians don't care what the people want, they all have their personal priorities that have little in common with what people in Tennessee consider important.

But local leaders are “part of us” – they are our neighbors, friends, and cousins, and they tend to work together a lot better than the people in D.C.

A case in point is the cooperation seen in recent weeks among the various branches of law enforcement in our area.

  • In April, human remains were found alongside TN 111 near the scenic overlook. In cooperation with the TBI and the Chattanooga Police Department, the Sequatchie County Sheriff's Department helped to identify the body as that of a young Chattanooga woman. The Sequatchie County Emergency Management Agency assisted by deploying their drone to film the scene of the crime.
  • Working with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, local detectives were able to make an arrest in a June 11 theft from a home site on Signal Mountain and recover all the stolen merchandise.
  • Friday, June 23, the Sheriff's Department was called to investigate the theft of a pickup truck, and immediately notified the Dunlap Police Department the truck had been seen in Dunlap. A Dunlap police officer made the stop and the arrest, and delivered the suspects to the county jail.

All these are good examples of how it's supposed to work – public servants working together to protect the people they serve.

We congratulate them on the great job they're doing in cooperating for the good of the community.

Washington should take a cue from them.