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Construction class at SCHS completes “tiny house” project
Karen House
April 25, 2017, 10:20 a.m.

The crew that built the house: (l-r, standing) Mitchell Simmons, J. J. Ford, Jacob Brock, Jonathan McGovern, Trey Birdwell, Tre Smith, Jarett Lockhart, (l-r, sitting) Matt Vandergriff, and Seth Hobbs.

April 25, 2017 – Chris Morrison’s advanced construction classes have been working on their latest project for the past three semesters, and it is something a little different from what Sequatchie County High School students have built in the past.

We usually just built a storage building,” Morrison said Friday. And one time they built a shooting gallery. This time, though, it is a “tiny house.”

I watched videos from TV shows about cabins and tiny houses, and came up with that idea,” Morrison said.

Then he put the idea of a tiny house to his students and asked them to submit plans. Together, they picked the plan they liked best.

We came up with the design, and as we went along we looked at the availability of materials and made some changes that way,” he said.

What they ended up with is a sturdy, fully wired, fully insulated cabin that measures 10 feet by 16 feet, with 8-foot ceilings. Sitting on removable skids, the building is 12 feet tall, from floor joists to the peak of its metal roof. The floors are finished hardwood, and the back wall is decorative half-logs, which give it a rustic flavor. Complete with a front porch and several windows, the little building could easily serve as a hunting cabin or even a weekend getaway for a small family.

"The hands-on experience of constructing this tiny house has given students the opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned in the classroom,” CTE Director Melissa Tibbs said this week. “It is one thing to read about how to build, but quite another being able to be involved in a project from planning through completion. The students have worked very hard and have a quality product as a result."

The tiny house will be sold in coming weeks, to recoup the school’s investment in its construction. Sealed bids will be taken May 1-June 2. Building specifications for the project and applications to bid are available at the Sequatchie County Schools Central Office on Cordell Drive in Dunlap. Starting point for the bids is $3,800, which is what the vocational department has in it.

The “tiny house” that Chris Morrison’s construction students built this year is wired and fully insulated.  It will be offered for sale next month, with sealed bids accepted at the School System's Central Office in Dunlap.

SCHS presents play, "Sealed in Spit," Friday evening
April 24, 2017, 10:16 p.m.

Cast of “Sealed in Spit” at rehearsal this week. Photo by Natalie Kimbell.

April 24, 2017 – “Sealed in Spit”  is the title of   Sequatchie County High School’s  play, to be performed Friday, April 28.

The play written by Margaret Witt begins with fun when the local law opens up the play looking for a couple of  country rednecks, Billy Bob and Bubba.

Fifteen years pass, and the two are in  New York City. Billy Bob has now become a rich man, and he wants to help his friend Bubba.  He does this by offering a large sum  of money to a struggling matchmaking company to find his friend Bubba a match in  a week's time.

The sisters who run the company are excited about the money, but perplexed not only by Bubba, but by problem after problem after they make the deal. We see how will love win  out,  as the plot unfolds with all of  its twists and turns.

One night only, come to Sequatchie County High School Auditorium on Friday, April 28, for one laugh after another. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students. Starting time is 7 p.m. CDT.

Students involved in the production include:

Noah Bartley, Adrianna Berry, Jonathon Boston, Ireland Burch,Elizabeth Collins, Garrett Daughtrey, Adriane Foster, Ryleigh French, Tyler Gentile, Hadley Gray, Jacob Harvey, John Higgins, Amber Kilgore, Braden Lawson,  Bailey Longson,  Kaylee McDowell, William McGowan,

Austin Miller, Adam Pickett, Abbie Powell, Blake Ramsey, Kasey-Beth Smith, Austin Stevens,Amber Stinnett,  Chase Stockwell, Taylor Stockwell, and Astrid Ulfheden.

Teacher Natalie Kimbell will direct the show. Adriane Foster is the student director.