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Today's political life

Well, as we all know, we are in the middle of presidential debates and a re-election campaign, and the rhetoric is flying high. I have never been a fan of hot breath, backbiting, and attacks. I just want to hear what the candidates would like to do if elected.

Recently our country had two terrible attacks, at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and near a bar in Dayton, Ohio. As of this writing, there are 22 people who had been killed and many more injured, not to mention the families of all those killed or wounded.

Before our president could respond to the shootings, several Democratic candidates were already blaming the president for the shootings, stating that his speech promotes white supremacy, he is a racist, and it was his fault for the two shootings.

Okay, with that type of rhetoric we can assume that when two people have a car wreck, it is the car’s fault, not the drivers'. When a child makes a bad grade in school, is it the pen or pencil’s fault for marking the wrong answer? We could go on and on with this type of argument, but I will not.

What really makes me mad is instead of blaming someone who is deranged and goes on these shooting sprees, we point fingers at everyone else. The truth of the matter is the Democrats who control the House of Representatives could put forth legislation that would possibly do something about these shootings, but they choose to play the blame game instead of actually doing something about the problem.

Why do they play the blame game? The truth of the matter is they don’t have any idea as to how to solve this, so it is easier to blame someone else instead of doing something yourself. That is the coward's way.

The truth of the matter is that many of these shooters come from split homes or homes where a father or mother figure is not present. Also, it has been proven that some of these shooters have had some mental disorders. Also some of these shooters have been heavily into gaming that promotes shooting and killing.

Why can’t we as a society address these real issues that plague America?

First let me say that I am not shaming or putting down anyone from any part of our society. I do believe that there are people in this world who need our help, but we many times either don’t understand, or refuse to understand, because maybe we had both of our parents growing up, or maybe we don’t have a special needs child that requires special attention because of their disorder, making it hard for them to perform in life without that help.

Instead of trying to work on the real needs in our country, we work on agendas. You want votes? Tell everyone that you are going to give them free food, rent, education, etc., etc. That doesn’t help anyone. Whatever happened to the old work ethic, that if you didn’t have something and you wanted it bad enough you would work for it until you could achieve it?

Speaking of agendas, what about gun control? If some get their way, most every American would have their Second Amendment rights taken away, and the ownership of guns would be a thing of the past. Isn’t it strange that many of those politicians that hold these restrictions as part of their campaigns have bodyguards with guns to protect them? Ironic isn’t it? And those that complain about how the illegals are treated – and let me point out that illegal aliens are being housed, etc. – are not putting forth any proposals for extra funding to take care of those problems. Yet they have walls that surround their mansions, with a gate to keep people out.

As a country, we have never run out of problems. It seems when some problems get fixed new ones pop up. I think it is funny that the current generation, whatever you call yourselves, eat Tide Pods, can’t figure out what gender you are, and you call my generation the generation that caused all of our current problems today.

What I would like to hear from all candidates, Democrat or Republican, is to speak on real issues, not agendas. Our country is based on laws that all citizens are to go by, politicians included. I am not against change when it is for the betterment of society. I am typing my column on a computer this morning, so change can be good.

However, when we don’t look at real problems that face America and try to get real answers for those problems, then maybe it is time for a change in our government leaders.

If you don’t know by now, all of the congressional leaders are not on the Obamacare program that was supposed to fix America’s insurance problem. Congress got to keep their private insurance. Also, did you know that once you are elected to Congress, when you leave office, you get a check for life for your service? The amount is based on their income in office, and checks are for well over $100,000 per year. That is fact.

How many of you when you retire from your work continue to receive a check as if you were there and get to keep your insurance no matter what the law says? Remember, this is the same bunch that keeps proposing to take money out of your Social Security that you have paid into out of your check – in other words, your money.

Think about this when you vote next. Your vote does count.