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World's Longest Yard Sale is coming to Dunlap Aug. 1-4

Scenes from the 2016 127 Corridor Yard Sale.

July 29, 2019 – The World's Longest Yard Sale is coming – to some people a blessing and to others a curse.

The “127 Corridor Yard Sale,” as it is officially known, currently extends over 690 miles from Addison, Mich., to Gadsden, Ala. Although it runs from the first Thursday in August through the following Sunday, vendors start setting up a week or more in advance.

And although the origin and headquarters of the event are at the Fentress County Chamber of Commerce in Jamestown, Tenn., US 127 comes right through the heart of Dunlap, making Sequatchie County a hot spot for yard sale deals.

The Dunlap-Sequatchie County Chamber of Commerce opened up the Valley Fest property at 287 Pine St. for yard sale vendors this year, and already there are tents going up on the site. The Chamber is offering free parking there, in an attempt to relieve traffic congestion downtown.

We've got 50 spaces sold,” Chamber Director Janis Kyser said today, “and we can do 50 more. I mean, we've got 17 acres!”

Novelty bills may be passed off as real money, but they are distinguished by pink oriental writing.

The Chamber's site provides Port-a-potties, free handicap parking, and 24-hour security, from opening today through Sunday, Aug. 3. A wide variety of items will be available, ranging from standard closet purge and antiques to Sno-Cones. And the Lewis Chapel Church of Christ plans to bring a child-size train to give rides, Kyser said.

With so many crowds of strangers coming into the area, there are a few dangers to be aware of.

Dunlap Police Chief Clint Huth is warning both vendors and shoppers to keep their eyes open for counterfeit bills, which are a problem during the 127 Yard Sale.

The calls don't start coming in until after the yard sale is over,” Huth said today. “We advise people to take the time to inspect their bills.”

A new counterfeit being used in the past few years is “novelty money,” which looks authentic until you notice the pink oriental writing on it. It is sold online as a novelty, but looks real enough to pass for money if the recipient does not pay attention.

Check it closely, feel it,” Huth said, “and if you have any questions and concerns, call us and we'll come take a look at it.”

The main problem locals have with the annual yard sale event is traffic congestion and distracted visitors. Sometimes cars stop in the middle of traffic as motorists ogle all the tables full of things for sale along the roadside, and pedestrian shoppers have a tendency to walk out in front of cars with their eyes on the yard sale and not on the cars.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s almost here,” Chief Huth advised through his Facebook page. “Common sense, patience, respect, and love for your neighbors is greatly appreciated!”

Image from .http://www.127yardsale.com/resources/spread-the-word