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Take the Tech Challenge

A lot of factors impact our health and wellbeing – the food we eat, the amount of exercise we get, our interaction with others, medications, and technology.

Some of these have a good impact on us, and others have a negative impact. Today I'm just looking at one contributing factor to our wellbeing: Technology. Not the impact of the information we get from technology, but the effects of the electronic infrastructure itself.

Daily, we are surrounded by electronic signals and electromagnetic pulses. Our brain functions through electric impulses. It is not far-fetched to believe that manmade electric impulses might interfere with the natural, organic electric impulses of our brain.

I propose a 2-week test for each of my readers, to see what impact, if any, the electronic devices in your home might have on your emotions and thought processes. We'll call it the “Tech Challenge.”

So, here's the challenge:

Mark 2 weeks on your calendar. The first week is “Week ON.” The second week is “Week OFF.”

During Week ON, keep a diary or notebook, writing in it each morning and evening. Don't change anything else in your daily routine except to take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night to jot down a few notes. Rate each of the following on a scale of 1 to 5:


How did you feel when you woke up?

1         2         3         4         5

Tired ------------------- Refreshed

Anxious ------------------ Peaceful

Migraine - Mild headache - No pain


How did your day go?

1         2         3         4         5

Unproductive ------ Very productive

Depressed ---------- Optimistic

Angry ----------------- Satisfied

Now, during the second week – Week OFF – turn off every single electronic device in your house when you go to bed at night. Turn off any TVs or radios. Power off your computers and your cell phones. If you have a scanner, turn that off. Unplug your wi-fi. If your bedroom is near the power meter on the outside of the house, move to another part of the house to sleep at night, as far from the smart meter as you can get.

Remember: Each night during week two, make rounds of the house, turning off every single electronic device of any kind. Putting them in sleep mode doesn't count! They can still ping a cell tower or receive / broadcast signals if they're in sleep mode. You want everything OFF while you sleep.

Don't change anything else about your routine except turning off electronic devices at night and noting the effects.

Now . . . take the test again, answering the same questions you did in week one, writing them down each morning when you wake up and each evening before bed.


After Week On and Week Off, sit down with your notes and calculate the average for each question for the first week. Then calculate the averages for the second week.

How do they compare?

I'll post a poll at the Dunlap News Facebook page for those of you who take the challenge to note your results.