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I have been putting off writing about this topic for a while, since it has gotten so much national attention, but I just can’t help myself.

How many of you are tired of hearing about the Mueller investigation? I for one am. The almost two year, multi-million dollar taxpayer funded investigation was the investigation to end all investigations concerning President Trump, and that investigation supposedly would find that he colluded with Russia and a whole host of other people to win the 2016 election.

Well, you guessed it – nothing was found that made the Democrats happy. The Democratic Party is so bent on destroying President Trump and bent on impeaching him and taking him out of office, that it stinks so bad for them it is pitiful.

In my entire voting age life, I have never seen any one party so bent on taking out a president because they did not win the last presidential election. What a shame on them.

It is really sad, because when the Democrats wanted this special counsel and wanted this investigation, Robert Mueller, a friend of Democrats, was the guy they sought after. After he was appointed, his investigation team was filled with Democratic favorites.

Enough said on that, but then the final report comes out and lo and behold, there is no evidence to support what they wanted to find.

Uh Oh! So, they then want Mueller – who they wanted in the first place – to appear before Congress under oath to tell what he found, because they weren’t satisfied with his report.

The Democrats also went after Attorney General Barr because they were mad he gave a report on the findings and wouldn’t let the public read it first, saying he was giving a biased account and protecting the president. They further called for his resignation because he was actually doing his job.

The Democrats are still mad because they simply lost the election and can’t stand the fact that Trump, although he ran on the Republican ticket, is not a true politician, he is actually out for the American people, not for personal gain. Why does he need this job anyway? He could have stayed a private citizen and continued to make his billions of dollars in the private sector and had a much easier life.

Now it seems with this going on, some twenty-plus Democrats want to run for president and make America a better place to live.

Sure they do! They want America to be a Socialist country. They want to take away our guns (look at Venezuela). They want to give illegals the right to vote (I thought that they were investigating Trump for allowing a foreign country to interfere with our elections—isn’t this the same thing?).

They want to wipe away college debt. They want to give everybody free college. Some want to give Social Security to illegals, because they said they earned it — How do you earn something you have never paid into?

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Well, I do have a few suggestions for the Democrats if they ever want to get elected again that they may want to take into consideration...

First and foremost, I think we should take care of all of our veterans. Our veterans represented our country in wars and some gave the ultimate, their life. Our Veterans Administration healthcare is to put it bluntly really bad. It seems in some cases that if they put the veteran off long enough he or she will die before they have to give them proper treatment. Let’s as a country fix that first.

Since we are on healthcare, let’s talk about that. First, healthcare with any company seems to be expensive, so let's see if we can get the cost of healthcare down. Also, medicine in this country has skyrocketed. I know. I take 17 pills a day because of my liver transplant, my heart, my thyroid, my epilepsy, and a few other things that I have going on.

What about infrastructure? We all have driven over roads that have potholes, and in some case ravines that shook our vehicle. Let's make our roads safer.

Also, what about our bridges? Remember a few weeks back when the bridge in Chattanooga had part of it fall to the lanes below? Let's not forget our railways and such.

Let's not forget our police, fire departments, ambulance, and rescue squads across our country. Why is it that when the local governments can’t fund some request by the local emergency programs that those groups requesting funds have to hunt and search for grants that they may or may not get? And when they do get it, it has to be with matching funds from the local government. What can’t we use our tax dollars to help them?

What about our educational system? There is inequality among school systems throughout this great country of ours. I am not and was not a fan of the Common Core system, which eventually fell by the wayside. After all, why should someone from Nebraska who may be raised in a farm community and want to become a better producing farmer, need to know what the students in Los Angles need to know? What I am saying is we should give our schools more money to purchase the things that they need.

I know currently there is a big push to allow students to have school choice and if parents think that their child can get a better education in another school system then they can go. The problem with that is the state moneys that a school system gets on a-per student ratio goes with them. If the student goes to another system and decides to come back to their old system, the money doesn’t come back.

Well, this has been rather lengthy, but I just wish our politicians would fight for our country instead of the rights for every other country and foreign citizens. Let us make this country great again.