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Sheriff investigates break-in on Fredonia Mountain

March 6, 2019 – The Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office recently investigated a break-in at a residence at 273 Family Dr., on Fredonia Mountain, and identified the perpetrators thanks to a security camera at the home.

Crystal Dawn Davis, 38, of a Palmer, Tenn., address was arrested by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office Feb. 26, and according to Sequatchie County Detective Jody Lockhart, Davis admitted stealing over $10,000 worth of property from two outbuildings at the Fredonia Mountain address. She also identified Paul Roberts as her companion in the crime.

On Feb. 24, a caretaker called the sheriff's department to report that someone had broken into two outbuildings at the residence and taken a large number of tools, lawnmowers, and other valuable items.

A man and woman driving a Chevy S-10 pickup were identified on the video footage as having committed the crime, and on Feb. 26 the Grundy County Sheriff's Office arrested Davis.

Davis identified Roberts as also participating in the burglary, Lockhart said.

Davis is being held in Grundy County on a warrant in that county, and Roberts is still at large, Lockhart said.

After facing charges in Grundy County, Davis will be charged in Sequatchie County for vandalism over $1,000, burglary of outbuildings, and theft over $10,000.