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A second family rescued from muddy woods on Fredonia

A Jeep pulled the stuck truck out of the woods when a family from Florida were rescued from the deep woods on Fredonia Mountain.  Photo by Winfred Smith.

March 4, 2019 – For the second time in as many weeks, local emergency personnel were dispatched to a backwoods development on Fredonia Mountain to rescue someone stuck in wet and rugged terrain.

The 2011 Ford F150 was recovered and four members of two families from Florida were rescued, according to Winfred Smith, director of Sequatchie County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

At around 6:20 a.m. Monday, March 4, Scott Dunn called the 911 center, telling them his vehicle was stuck in the Hidden Hills area. He stated that they had gone into the property on Sunday to look at a lot that is for sale.

Their truck became stuck, and they walked out to get help,” Smith said. “Someone in the area took them to Tractor Supply to purchase a winch, and they tried to get their truck out, but could not.”

With no cell phone service, and night coming on, the four people decided to spend the night in their truck. The next morning, Scott Dunn and John Eastman were able to walk several miles, and finally caught a cell signal. They called 911 to get help, Smith said, and dispatch sent the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Department, Sequatchie County Rescue Squad, Fredonia Volunteer Fire Department, and Sequatchie County EMA.

The Rescue Squad drove back into the area to bring out Amanda Dunn and Jeanette Eastman, and Griswold wrecker service went in with a Jeep and pulled the truck out.

No injuries were reported in the incident.