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Neighbor helping neighbor

This past weekend, extensive areas of Sequatchie County were flooded, and the people who live here stepped up to the plate and took action.

Volunteer firefighters and volunteers with the Rescue Squad were out from dawn to dusk, working alongside the paid emergency personnel of city and county, to make sure people in the flooded communities were safe and dry.

Several rescues of stranded souls were successfully carried out. Nobody was killed or injured, and we are all thankful for that.

A couple of dozen volunteers worked tirelessly to sweep and pump water out of the old middle school, where the flood damaged the facilities of several non-profit organizations, including the food bank and the senior center.

County Highway Department crews were out on bridges, hardly an hour after the creeks backed off the pavement, cutting up logs and raking debris off the road.

And neighbor was helping neighbor throughout the crisis – knocking on doors, calling on the phone, saying, “Are you okay? Come over to my house, if it gets bad. We're dry.”

Makes you proud of your community, proud of your local officials, proud of your neighbors.

By the way, the recovery continues. Some homes are still trying to dry out. Anyone who would like to help may drop off cleaning supplies – bleach, detergent, buckets, and rags – at the Dunlap Police Department on Church Street or the 911-Emergency Communications Center on Cedar Street.