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Life and death

Before you read any further you should know that this column today is Pro-Life and anti-abortion. The reason for this column today is to speak out against the recent cases in the states of New York and Virginia.

First, let me point out that as a Christian, I am definitely pro-life. I believe in life, and I am so sad that our country considers it a choice to snuff out life. Of course this all started after the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

I realize that one of the reasons that abortion came to the forefront years ago was because many women were having abortions performed illegally. Many of those abortions then also caused harm and death to many women.

When you look at all the facts, first a man and woman must have a physical relationship in order for a woman to become pregnant. Thus a life is formed inside of a woman. The very first pregnancy on earth was when Adam had a sexual relationship with his wife Eve in Genesis 4, and their son Cain was born.

We can argue back and forth as to when life begins. It really is no question but life happens at conception, not weeks or months later. I find it odd and sad that the state of New York passed a bill that will allow termination of pregnancy up to full term pregnancy. Really! You are nine months in your pregnancy, and you decide that you made a mistake, you can’t afford it, it is not the right time, etc., etc.

A bigger question is, why didn’t you think about this when you were having relations with someone of the opposite sex? Many people today call it pro-choice – it is the woman’s right to make that choice. The argument is that it is her body and she should be able to do what she wants to with her body.

This brings up Virginia, whose governor recently supported legislation that says that they will allow a child to be born and at that time the parents can decide if they want the baby aborted or not. This is after the child has come out of the mother’s womb and has been born. We are not talking about stillborn babies who have passed away before their birth, but actual living babies.

The last time I checked, when someone is breathing and their life is taken, in every state of the Union that is called murder. As I mentioned, life begins at conception. Have you not seen the ultrasounds that show the little baby as small as 12 weeks with hands, fingers, legs, arms, toes, head, and oh yeah, a heart beat.

I guess what really bothers me is to see all the people on television when the legislation was passed stand up and cheer and clap because they were happy to see the legislation passed.

Did they not think that if their mother had decided to abort them they wouldn’t be standing there to supposedly praise lawmakers for their “leadership”?

Isn’t it odd that the people who are living have the legal right to decide who dies, (the unborn who have no voice in the matter)?

My next question is, “Who will be next?” I mean, if we can take the life of the unborn, then what about the mentally ill, who according to some people only drain us and are not productive in our economy? Then, what about the elderly who reach the point in their life where they are having to be taken care of by caregivers, nursing homes, etc.?

Where does it end?

Please don’t sit here and read this and say, “Oh that will never happen.” I didn’t think full-term abortion would ever be thought of, either. The governor of New York even stated, “The state of New York leads the nation in its forward thinking.” No thanks, governor, I will just stay down here in the South, talk funny, and enjoy the life that God gave me.

If you are reading this column, then obviously you were not aborted. You have been blessed with life, and hopefully you are living a productive life in our society.

I do not want to make this a political issue, but the Democratic Party holds both New York and Virginia, predominately. They are proud of themselves to snuff out life. WOW!

Has our country gotten to the point where we do not consider the life of an unborn child as important? Have we thrown out all common sense and morals?

Think for a moment about all of the inventors throughout history that have come up with medicines, electricity, cars, radios, telephones, etc., etc. What if their life had been aborted? Where would we be now?

Do we no longer have sanctity for life? I really think that we as a society need to look at these late-term abortion bills and decide if we want to live in a Christian nation or do we want to live in a country that is morally declining.

I know that there will be some of you who want to get into the discussion of “what about the health of the mother?” I don’t have all the answers on this issue, but as I stated earlier, I believe in life, and life should not be snuffed out for any reason, just because a person, a group of people, or a political party says it is okay.

Put yourself in the unborn child’s place. Would you want someone to decide that your life was not worth living? All this has bothered me lately, since I have children and grandchildren. I also have friends who have recently birthed children, as well. We all need to think about the consequences of our actions before we commit to them.