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Do you know who you are?

If you call someone and they don't recognize your voice, after a few sentences they might ask, “Who is this?”

When that happens, most of us give the person on the other end of the line some reference point – I'm your daughter's teacher. I'm the mechanic that's working on your car. Or maybe, I'm calling on behalf of a charity.

If we introduce ourselves to someone at a social gathering, we provide a slightly different reference point, the source of which is our own self-worth instead of the other person's interest – I teach at the high school. I own a garage here in town. I am a customer service representative for...

But that's not who we are.

We are not what we do for a living, who our relations are, or where we live.

We as human beings were made for greatness. We were made in the very image of God, to have fellowship with Him.

The homeless man under the bridge, the meth addict who neglects her children . . . and the CEO who counts his success in decimals and dollar signs, have all forgotten who they are.

Who they were created to be.

If we just stop, in the busy-ness of our life, and lift our eyes to see the possibilities, it could possibly change the course of our life, and of those who follow us.

How many families do you know with more than two children? People have children when they have hope. So many young people today are having just one child . . . or maybe none at all. They see no reason to look any further than their own short life. They lack hope.

When our whole life is just what we do and what we enjoy from one day to the next, we have forgotten that we were made in the image of God, to accomplish great things. To walk with Him and talk with Him, and to see the beauty around us, in the physical world and in the people we allow Him to knit into our life.

We were created to walk before Him in righteousness, holiness, and liberty as free souls, but we have allowed our ancient enemy to chain us to our job, our addictions, and our material goods.

Break free! Realize who you are and step out of the shackles. They are of your own making.