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Drug bust leads to big break in counterfeit currency investigation

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Sept. 12, 2018 – A drug bust in northern Marion County in late August led to a break in an investigation of counterfeit currency being passed in Sequatchie County in recent months.

Agents of the 12th Judicial Drug Task Force (DTF) executed a search warrant at the home of Harley Eugene Roberts, 48, in Marion County, just south of the Sequatchie County line, finding a large quantity of counterfeit money and computer equipment thought to be used to make it, in addition to the methamphetamine for which they searched the house.

According to Dunlap Police Chief Clint Huth, detectives have been working on numerous leads concerning about 20 fake bills being passed in Dunlap since July1, and he termed the find in Marion County “a big breakthrough.”

Agents discovered Roberts was currently in the process of manufacturing counterfeit currency at the time of their arrival,” Huth said Tuesday. “In addition to discovering methamphetamine, agents seized counterfeit currency in the denominations of $100, $50, and $10 bills. DTF Agents contacted local DPD officers and discovered that serial numbers of counterfeit currency passed in Dunlap matched currency seized at Roberts’ residence.”

Roberts was arrested by DTF agents on drug offenses. The U.S. Secret Service was advised of the counterfeit currency operation and is expected to take over that portion of the investigation for prosecution, Huth said.

Anyone who believes they may possibly have counterfeit currency is asked to call the Dunlap Police Department at 423-949-3319 so detectives may inspect the bill and compare serial numbers.