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Local Rescue Squad joins search for missing woman

UPDATE 05/16/2018 7:17 A.M. Capt. Scoggins informed us this morning that the woman still has not been found.

May 15, 2018 – The Sequatchie County Rescue Squad has joined in a massive search along the Bledsoe-Rhea County line for a Bledsoe County woman missing since Saturday, May 12.

Sequatchie County Rescue Squad is on seen to assist Bledsoe County Rescue Squad in the search for a missing 66-year-old female,” Rescue Squad Captain Michael Scoggins said today. “She was last seen Saturday.”

According to News Channel 9, the Bledsoe County Rescue Squad has identified the woman as Stephanie Tyson, who reportedly wandered away on a large farm at 1963 Brayton Rd., Graysville.

Scoggins said the woman is not an Alzheimer's patient.

Rescue crews are searching an area of several hundred acres with a grid search and a ground search. Drones and dogs are also being utilized, and rescue personnel have been called in to help from several counties.