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Dunlap police officers stop truck illegally carrying explosives

March 26, 2018 – The Dunlap Police Department (DPD), working in conjunction with the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP), stopped a truck on TN 28 south Friday, March 23, and found the driver was carrying a “large amount of explosives” without the proper documentation.

According to a statement from the DPD, “Shortly after 10 a. m., officers stopped a 2003 Ford F-250 truck near the Dunlap National Guard Armory on Hwy. 28.

"The vehicle was transporting a large amount of explosives to a work site in Marion County.

The vehicle was not displaying the required placards, nor did the occupants posses the required permits and licenses to transport the explosives.”

The THP arrived on scene and took the lead in the investigation.

The company responsible for the explosives had a proper and legal transport vehicle sent to the scene,” the statement said, “along with a driver that possessed the required license to transport the explosives.”

THP processed the criminal charges, and the incident is still an ongoing investigation, police said.